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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tuesday Night at the Huff and Puff

Well people were huffin and puffin as it was work night. We cleaned and organized stuff under the benches. We took out 4 boxes of old sedum, 4 boxes of old, empty containers, half a dozen burnt out lights, a pile of cardboard, and 3 bags of garbage. Thankfully Barb sent in some delicious mini muffins to keep up our energy. Thanks Barb and thanks to all for a job well done. We even got some feeders put in and some scenery done. At the meeting several topics were discussed. Nice to see more people speaking up. Ralph reminded us that during the concept meeting the layout was to be CN and CP during the transition era. We have let that slip but will try to keep that in mind when bringing in new rolling stock. The new card system also came up, specifically the loss of delivering 1 car here and picking up 1 car there, under the new system you always pick up and deliver at each industry as you go. We decided to stay with the new system because you can't mess it up, as 1 person put it, "it works". The yard at Ortona was a hot topic, I think we decided to change it, but I see no one touched it for now, hmm. The argument is that it is not the track but the pie cutter wheel sets on some of the equipment. The shorting problems of the turnouts can also be fixed with switch machines. We then turned to the topic of the club it's self. Many clubs have failed because of politics be we have no officers running it, which helps, but we have to be careful to let everyone have a say. Next up was show and tell, Mike had a large scale passenger car shell he has been working on to show us, wow great job.

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