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Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunday fun

On Friday, Glen and I worked on some scenery. I continued painting the backdrop and rock work in the tunnel area near Trent's hill as Glen mudded in the bottom of the cliffs in the new Wellington town site and around the upper loop. Glen also checked out the height of the bent he had made for the Wellington Street bridge. On Sunday I continued painting the tunnel area and installed a barricade in front of the abandoned tunnel. Ballast and grass was applied to the remaining ties and track leading to the tunnel. Jim installed 2 switch machines on the upper mainline, behind ADMand wired them up. He also wired up the last 2 switch machines on the upper loop. Tom worked on roads, crossings and scenery at Lincoln. Don started installing the sanding rack but found he needed to remove and rearrange some track and turnouts in that area. We also decided to move La France and use that track as the caboose track for Wellington. The water tower was also remove to get access to the sanding rack area. Work will continue on Tuesday night. We also set up switches at the Ortuna yard to see if we had enough and to give a visual of what it would look like, up to the group to see if and when we change out the code 70 track.

The rock wall at Jim's Cut had to have some material removed for clearance and needed some touch up along the bottom and the one edge.

 Glen finished the bottom of the rock wall behind the town.

The rock wall repainted.

Tom adds scenery to upper loop, Jim wires in the switch machines as Don works on the sanding rack.

Sanding rack positioned. The road will cross the main line beside the turntable

Switch machines put in and painting finished.

Barricade at the old tunnel

Tom starting to fit in the road crossings for team track area.

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