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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Meeting night

After a discussion about operations and train length, we decided to try limiting trains to 2 cards. We will try that for a month to see how it works. The ore train will be shortened also. With a switcher stationed at Lincoln we will put cards back into the system, we had removed. Youth membership was brought up. Because each new youth means there is 2 new people, congestion becames a problem. Also using the crates to see the layout, causes a trip hazard for older members. So it was decided to hold youth involvement to its present level, and that when space is available that the youth should be tall enough to run without using the crates to see, eg a head higher than the bench work at Lincoln. It was agreed that remodeling Wellington will be next years first big project. The members were busy over the last 2 work days. A couple of areas needed fill along the tracks, the Town of Wellington ha vehicles, trees and people. Track was cleaned and a couple of turnouts were adjusted. We are going to try uncoupling magnets on some of the hard to reach sidings. This continued work should improve trouble free running.

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