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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pinehurst logging camp part 1.

I have always wanted to build a logging camp at Pinehurst. The opportunity came when Don brought in some old Campbell and Simpson kits he had. The first kit Don gave the club was a "man-houses" as some loggers called them. It is based on house 19 which now resides at Tuolunme. The measurements were taken of this West Side Lumber Co. type, by Russ Simpson in 1971.
 I didn't use the scribed siding for the floor, as the doors will not be open, so instead of 3 we now have 5 houses. Using some planks sawn from a 2 x 4, I made new floors and roof boards, instead of the card stock templates provided. Clear acetate was then applied to the inside of each window and a roof support was added to each house. Various techniques like breaking out individual boards, making knot holes, and brushing with a wire brush were used to distress each house to varying degrees. A starting coat of stain and grey paint aged each house. A rough plan of the camp was drawn up to arrange all the buildings in some logical location. In the end I made 4 bunk houses and 1 storage shed.

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