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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Projects, part 2.

Well here is the later. This is an operational change as well and a revision of other ideas talked about. Please think about this and comment. By adding a run around from the lower tunnel mouth east toward Herons Landing station, we would have a spot to hold through freights (no cards) from Elsewhere. A Train order would run this train to Wellington where another through freight, previously set out, will be returned to this spot. Elsewhere would only hold these through freights of say 10 cars, no switching, just swapping trains. To further remove Elsewhere from the mix, Wellington freights would go to Herons Landing, turn on the return loop, and return to Wellington. If only trailing switches were switched both ways, it would speed up switching allowing for more or longer freights to be run, especially if switching crews are stationed at Herons Landing and Lincoln. Coupled with the extra loading sites, mentioned in the first part, this would reduce the congestion in Wellington. The yard master at Wellington will make up through and switching freights and receive them and run through freights to and from Elsewhere to the spotting track at Herons Landing. It would be nice if the running of the through freight and swapping them at Elsewhere can be linked. The yard at Elsewhere can hold over 20 cars on each siding, so it could be cut in half and a new switch ladder added to the first 3 tracks. It would then hold six 10 car trains.

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