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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Projects to ponder, part one!

With the new year approaching its time to look at some work projects and some new ideas to ponder. First a couple of things in the works, installing the logging module and the run around at Pinehurst and, the power line towers Jim brought in. Another easy one is to add guards around the turnout switches, I will bring in some chair rail to see if that will work. If Herons Landing is going to have a switching crew, we may need to install some card pockets, there may be an extra 1 in the office. Jim suggested we add a coal bucket loader to the lumber camp, good idea. We should change some hoppers to limestone from coal, maybe the brown ones?  That's the easy ones.  We should add more engine loading sites, eg. Ortona, with a turnout behind the card rack or insulate the freight station siding and isulate the crane siding at Herons Landing, more on that one later (I wish I could insert a smiley face here). We could either move a siding from Oxford Sand and Gravel or add 1 in the pit area and move Shell Ind. there and use that siding as a team track, need to measure that one out. We have already talked about making another run around in Herons Landing by using 1 of the Coastal Oil tracks. More work to do this but it will improve operations by removing the steep grade from Sunset. That track would be lowered to join the tracks at Jutland. The remains of the siding in Springbank would be reworked into a team track.
 Then the big one, Wellington. I will bring in a plan, but the things I see we want are, a bigger yard, a run around for that yard, industries moved to the east end and the mainline tracks move to the front.  Switching the industries should be away from yard switching.

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