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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday 7,30,2017

Quarry trestle and approaches were on today's work schedule.  We knew that the trestle and it's approaches needed feeders, but it got more involved when a certain triple axle engine derailed at the West end of the trestle. The hand layed track was a little out of gauge but fixing that did nothing to fix the problem. The executive on site decided to remove the rails and replace them with flex track. The approaches were raised and re-alined to match the new track height. New feeders were also installed. Meanwhile Sparky found that reversing the polarity to Wellington and Elsewhere solved the problem of engines stalling after crossing the gaps of the reversing loops. The gap on the tracks into the tunnel leading to the passenger station in Wellington were reworked so they were across from each other.  All of the feeders to the loops and Wellington and Elsewhere were checked, but no solution to a short in either town kicking out the booster was apparent,  Help DCC experts.

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