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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff July 25, 2017

After some research Sparky found out that there should be a ground wire from the quad units to the boosters. Once installed all sections shorted out properly while doing the quarter test. Other things he discovered is that there should be good power on each side of the gaps on the reversing loops, and that these gaps should be directly across from each other. Another interesting fact is that if your engine speeds up unexpectedly it may be that it has entered a section of track with low power. Apparently when the engine loses it's signal it speeds up (hope I got that right).
Meanwhile back on the layout several types of trains were busy moving freight with some engines out on test runs. Next Tuesday is a meeting/work night. The list includes wiring the 2 trestles, checking the wiring on the loops, checking the wiring at the loop gaps, start rewiring Springbank, repairing rolling stock, and track cleaning. See you then.

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