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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Work night July 4th 2017

After the meeting a couple of projects were taken on. The curve uphill of Oxford was regraded as it had a dip in it. The turnout at Northdale was looked at. Rewiring also continued on section 8, between the upper loop and Springbank.  Now explain this. The system was turned on and we had a short somewhere.  It turned out to be the turnout to Zorra Cement Silos. We had soldered on new leads to the out side rails of it, there was already leads to the center rails. These center leads were backwards so we just cut them off, voila, no short. Why didn't this short out Before? My guess is there was just not enough conductivity through the turnouts points, this may mean we will need to replace them, we will test it to see. So 1 more day to complete section 8 will make it 3 days to do 1 section, times 12, yup a lot more work. The moral of this story, do it right the first time!

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