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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Experimental expanded operations.

One trial, not the one I was assigned, but it goes something like this. The train was set up as normal, but at each destination new cars and car cards were picked up to be delivered. So you start with say 8 cars, as you go the ones you deliver are replaced, as usual with the ones you pick up, but they now have new destinations, extending the amount of work each train does. On this trial the new destinations may be in a town already visited, how do you turn your engine? To correct this would require careful sorting of the new destination cards, but how do you know what train will pick them up. The trial I ran had multiple destination cards that were sorted sequentially in my westbound direction. This took about 3/4 of an hour to set up but worked like a charm. Photos show the trip.
Box car and flat cars card cards.

Hoppers cards

Train leaving Elsewhere 

Switching the Power Plant in Herons Landing 

Leaving Lincoln after switching Allen Lumber 

Waiting to switch the coal mine in Springbank 

Multiple moves to switch Hillside Lumber in Valleyview 

Final switching moves in Wellington. 

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