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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Meeting night at the Huff and Puff 9,5,2017

Great meeting. After identifying a couple of problem turnouts the discussion turned to operations. The idea that with some operators running what ever they want is not consistent in any type of formal operation. We would need to revert back to train orders of some type, so all scheduled trains would be run. Everyone would have to agree to this so that no one has to police it. As operators arrive they take the next train order, if not what they want to run, or their engine is not compatible, they wait for an appropriate train order to come up. We may want to run in pairs again. Spearheaded by Mike we talked about the simplicity of our current operations and the lack of switching most of the towns on each run. A strong reminder was voiced that using car numbers results in HOURS of searching for missing rolling stock even if car numbers are enlarged. Sequential moves with tank cars and coal hoppers, even though previously  rejected by some, became the next thing to try when Joseph suggested doing it with all rolling stock. Once you get it in your head that once a box car, for example, is picked up at say Wood Mosaic in Herons Landing, loaded with vener, by the time you get to Jutland you have no idea what is in it or any other car in your consist, at least I don't. This box car or box cars, can now be switched at McKay Fuels, (have to work out how cards with 2 types of rolling stock may work). Arriving at Lincoln this box car is switched at the freight station and so on. So with 1 box car in your train you switch 6 industries in your trip. For those who read the blog I will go into more detail in another post. Having trains start in different towns, having people switch major towns, and only switching trailing turnouts were also talked about. It became very evident that some are not reading the blog, "we have limestone hoppers and coal hoppers? " hmm, must have missed that post, trains are east or westbound only, do not turn around if you missed switching a car, sequential switching are just some of the items missed. Yes these ideas are, or should be talked about at our meetings, but many people miss them, so the blog is the best form of communication or I'm just wasting time posting ideas for discussion.

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