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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff 09,19,17

With only a few operators available all the set up done by the Friday crew did not get a proper test.  I tried setting up a train but found it very difficult to get just the right match of cards, especially for the forwarding part. This could possibly be corrected by adding more cards. The 2 biggest objections to this system are the time needed for the initial set up and all the cards sitting on the layout. Solutions suggested included card racks for each siding, all cards for only 1 car (you could still take multiple cards to switch 2 or 3 cars at 1 siding, only have multiple switching at sidings which hold 3 cars like Coastal Oil to the refinery. Other thoughts include, a storage rack for excess cars, located in the office, only switch exactly what you deliver say box car for a box car, leave the flat car, add more cards to make set up easier, ignore the day part of the card, have card racks for forward switched cards which might include tank cars, stock cars, coal and limestone hoppers, refers, and covered hoppers.
You can bet more ideas will surface. The most important thing is that we make the system more interesting without making it too complicated.

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