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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Access Changes at the Layout

Last Tuesday evening when leaving, Jim Long volunteered to go through to the main entrance upon locking the rest of us out at our usual entrance. I was parked between two Voyageur buses near the main entrance, saw a black pickup truck stop at the entrance and heard Jim talking to the driver who turned out to be the black security chap. Jim called me to come over and the security chap advised us that the main entrance door lock would be changed because Voyageur drivers were leaving it open but that he would see that we got a key.

Fast forward to last Friday afternoon when I arrived at 1 pm to find that my key no longer worked the main entrance lock.  At that point, a Voyageur driver was exiting and opened the door for me and I did my usual walk through the lower area to let Tom in and block our usual entrance door open. Some time later, after Jim Long arrived, I left him and Tom and headed for the front office area to see about a key for the new lock. As I entered the Voyageur area, I was stopped by the manager and clearly told it was a no trespass zone as they had rented the area. I countered that we were also renters and had been passing through the area for the better part of 4 years. I said I was headed to see Bill about the matter and she said she would be talking to him as well. I met a chap up front who heard me out and called Bill on the intercom to come meet with me. Very shortly, Mark appeared and traded my key for a "temporary" key to the new main entrance lock. He also said it would be necessary to go up the stairs inside the main entrance and across the second floor to our layout and then go down to our entrance to let people in. He is planning to have a lock put on our entrance in the near future which will make things more convenient than ever for us. I ran into Bill himself as I left on Friday and he confirmed the key in our door plans. He wanted to know how things are going and seemed [acted] surprised when I mentioned the recent rumours. He has just finished rebuilding another Nuffield tractor and had a 1931 Model AA truck underway. 

Since all this affects the keyholder only, continue to show up at our usual door. 

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