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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Engine 6069

Jim Long submitted this article which is very appropriate for our club as some of our members have this engine and run them at the club.

While putting in some time in Sarnia, I came across this classic steam locomotive on the edge of Confederation Park down by the river, just short of the Bridge to the USA.  I was fortunate enough to meet a gentleman who was unlocking the gate to go inside to work on the engine. Most model railroaders will recognize this engine from it's brass equivalent and the more common Resident's Choice version that was available a few years back numbered 6060. Although not a precise reproduction it is close enough to assume that it was modelled after this series of Canadian National Engines. Also since the only engines to escape the scrapper's torch are numbered 6069, 6065 in Saskatchewan,  I believe, and good old 6060 in British Columbia.  He believes that 6060 is still operational and was the only unit that was switched from coal to oil. I was invited to come inside the fence for a closer look and learn a little more about this engine and the efforts to preserve it.
Read more in the next post Preserving 6069.

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  1. Sorry for this, but that should be Centennial Park, not Confederation Park.