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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Branch line changes?

Currently the logging spur and the line to Ortona both go through a long mysterious tunnel. Even though this does create some suspense, waiting to see if your train will end up at the tunnel portal or the floor or not at all, we could do much better. The spur to the spar tree has 5% grades, uneven track, and a S scale trestle, in an unrealistic box shaped gulch, which had to be created to hold the trestle and the track underneath. There is also a bottle neck, at Oxford, on this spur, which lacks a needed run around and sufficient length. By using about 4 to 6 inches of aisle space, some or all of these short comings could be corrected. Please review the 2 plans prepared by L.J. Brinker Engineering.

The top plan would take less aisle space but would not improve the realism of the scenery in the S scale trestle area nor replace the long tunnel. Implementation of either of these plans will only effect the line to Ortona minimally. The logging spur would take much longer. Costs would include a few lengths of flex track and 2 turnouts, if we don't already have them. The Cougar Ridge Lumber Co. ( owned by L. Brinker) will supply the lumber and build the trestles, but could use volunteers to help with construction, rock blasting, and wiring.

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