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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Another plan.

Another way to use Mike's idea.

This plan removes the entire old Lincoln peninsula and uses a double high swing gate to bridge the gap. This would also remove the Wye. Ortona is also saved by adding it to the edge of the new Lincoln. Although the mainline still follows itself, the to and from tracks from Lincoln are at different levels. The coal mine is moved closer to the front, for better access. The logging line has it's own track from the saw mill to the spar tree. The new Branch line is very short, only running from the mainline east of Lincoln, to the new Miller, and because of a short shared track, under the high line, I it also services the saw mill. The long switching leads in Lincoln are maintained as well as a new run around being added between Springbank and Lincoln. Although this plan doesn't increase the length of the mainline as much as plan 1, it does increase the distance travelled to and from Lincoln. The losses include Hay Co., La France, Union Ice, in Lincoln, Mutual Grain in Springbank, all of Northdale (the freight house is relocated in Miller), and the gravel dock in Miller.

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  1. Great plan,to make more of the railway used.