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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Today's Questions.

These are in fact planning questions.
The current practice is to just swap the 2 ore drags. This movement can cause delays on the mainline in Jutland, not a serious problem right now. With the ore mine being moved, with Ralph's permission, to Northdale it may cause mainline delays there as well. So to lessen this problem do we -
- put 2 sidings at the ore mine
- make 1 longer (With only free moving wheels and properly weighted cars) ore train, and move it between the then empty sidings at Jutland and Northdale drastically reducing mainline waits at both towns

With the above mentioned in mind, as planned, the mainline town of Northdale has only a station and the ore mine as destinations. There will be a passing track for the ore mine and station stops and another between Northdale and Lincoln, which helps with traffic between these towns. So do we -
- leave it as above
- try to put in 1 or 2 industries such as a 3 car team track or a 2 car freight house
Any thoughts? E mail me and I will post them under a post titled Answers to the questions.

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