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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Tomorrow's Questions

The logging line space impacts the benchworks width below it. And although the removal of the black trestle and locating the track back towards the wall does help more could be done. So do we -
- leave it as it is, reducing construction time and mess
- make 1 longer logging train, moving it between the then empty log pond and the spar tree, and remove 1 siding at the spar tree (This will impact the length of the 3 passing sidings, which is not a problem)

Considering the answer to the above questions, do we
- build new benchwork in front of the rock walls, reducing construction time and dust
- try to cut out the rock walls to the height of the new benchwork and re-use it between the 2 levels of the new mainlines, where necessary
What's your thoughts? E mail me and I will post them under a post titled Answers to the questions.

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