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Friday, January 3, 2020

Friday fun.

Glen continued adding scenery to the branchline areas, including a fence around City Services. Rob adjusted the sawmill siding and I lifted the the low spot in the curve into the tunnel, on the branchline. As Glen continued with the scenery, I painted a section of the branchline track a brown colour, then added yellow grass along the ballast and outlined that with a green grass. This should be enough to visually separate the branchline from the mainline, check it out on Tuesday.
Rob and I then verified all the starting positions on all the sidings. What we found was refers where box cars should be and vice versa, a stock car at Union  Ice, and either to many or to few cars at a siding. Granted construction also adds to the confusion. I  do think this highlights the need to start the new year off with 2 man crews. At the end of all the sorting we had to take apart 2 trains to have enough cars for the sidings and branchline trains. We could use a couple of box cars, gondolas, and flat cars.
Rob also suggested that we have a couple of shorter trains for the smaller engines to run. There is 2 or 3 yard tracks open right now to stage shorter trains, and a couple of longer trains can be changed also. If there is a desire to run a longer, say 10 car train, it could be made up just to move between the 3 yards, without switching.

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