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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Meeting/work night.

Happy New Year, a year we will be enjoying our new layout arrangement. Looking ahead there is still some scenery to finish up, there is a couple of train routes to finalize. We will also look at updating the industry turnouts in Wellington. We will also start some new procedures to help keep things moving correctly.
   A revolving dispatcher, who makes sure trains are taken from alternate yards, and verifies consists of departing and arriving trains, will be tried out.
   Two man crews, to help limit the number of trains running and switching errors.
   Verifying consists when leaving each town.
    Only 1 train in a town at a time.
    Verifying rolling stock locations at all industries, Some time during each session. Maybe as the first trains move around the layout.
     Updating all signage. This would include larger industry signs, and route diagrams, as needed.
     Maybe making a few hard to reach turnouts remote controlled.

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