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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

I noticed some confusion understanding the new Train Orders. After all the time off because of the construction, this is understandable. So I will try to explain them.
One operator had a refer in his consist (At least he checked it) but there was no switching move for it, on his east bound freight. This is because this train has already got enough switching to do, so this car is just through freight.
            Someone else noticed the consist only had 1 box car but there were 3 industries to switch, should there be 3 box cars? Because we are trying to keep trains short, but still have enought switching to make them interesting, I have made ever attempt to make it logical. E.g. set out a box car of electronics, pick up an empty, set out empty pick up a load of flour, set out the load of flour, and pick up an empty. As you can see the box car you started with is not the one you end with, nor does it have the same contents. That the easy one, flat cars and gondola have visable loads, which might not be consistent with what the train order says, e.g. crates verses containers.
              Another example of through traffic are the piggyback cars. The 2 piggyback ramps are on east bound trailing switches, and we only switch trailing switches, so, after a piggyback leaves Wellington, it is switched at Springbank and or Lincoln and ends up in Elsewhere. But it needs to get back to Wellington, so it is not switched on the west bound train, on the other side of this train order.

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