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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Layout Quiz

How well do our club members know our own layout??  In doing some rail fanning, your photographer discovered some interesting things around the layout. Sharp pictures were impossible because of constant movement by the subjects whose keen ears picked up
the presence of potential danger. 
So where is this full antlered moose located?? 

Now here's an interesting pair enjoying our layout. Yogi and his brother have found an ideal rock cave to live in. Again, hard to get a clear shot because they are intimidated by intruders, especially railroad engineers!  Note that Yogi has stretched himself to his full height at the sound of the camera shutter. 
So where do we find these two?? 

Ah, but who do we have here but the elusive Sasquatch, on our own layout even!!  Seldom seen out of heavy tree cover, he spotted a banana skin dropped by a careless hiker and took a chance that the camera caught. 
Where can you find our local Sasquatch?? 

If you have not met the Countess as yet, you haven't been paying much attention to the layout details. She is residing in her own fenced yard accepting the accolades for her fantastic milking record. 
Two people have found her. How about you?? 

The above could be made into a club pamphlet to be given out to visitors as added incentive to carefully look over the entire layout. Rewards for finding all four might be in order. 


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