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Sunday, February 9, 2020

Sound decoder

Info from Jim Long
This from a friend at the GrandSytrand Model Railroad 

Wanted to let some of you in the club know about a new Sound Decoder Company. XLsystems. They made decoders for MRC and have decided to go out on there on. The decoders look like an MRC clone. The good part is there price. I have heard the EMD 645 turbo and it sounds great. The decoders come in Diesel with six prime movers. EMD 567, EMD 645 Non Turbo, EMD 645 Turbo, EMD 710 Turbo, ALCO 244, ALCO 539 Turbo. They have about 22 horn types. Steam is also available. Both in HO and N scale. The price is usually around 29.00 to 35.00 Dollars. They usually have a speaker included also. The have warranty and repair for there speakers also. I know this is not Tsunami or ESU but if you are modeling on a budget and want to put some type of sound in some of your locomotives this may be an option. I have ordered one to put in one of my ALCO locomotives. Here is there website. They are also being sold on Ebay.

Also if anyone wants to follow my home model railroad exploits, which will have posts every once and a while, this is the blog address.
I'm working on the logging camp right now.

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