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Friday, March 6, 2020

All our problems.

It seems our problems, of conjestion and loss of control, occur when too many trains are running at the same time. That's just common sense. How to correct it is the problem.

Let's look at a normal Tuesday night. Rick runs the oil train, Cliff runs the passenger train. Someone may run the branch line freight and maybe the ore train. At the same time 5 to 6 mainline freights are on the move. Again it is easy too see that the 5 to 6 freights are the problem, but what is the cure?

Two person crews would cut the numbers in half. Limiting mainline freights to 1 east and 1 west bound, at a time. Run the other trains, the log train, the ore train, the passenger train, the coal train, and the oil train more (as they only switch select areas. Mainline freights could also be run as through trains, which do no switching. That is 12 or more operators but only 6 trains in total. A dispatcher would see that these trains are all run and take 1 operator out of the equation. We could also set up another running night, if enough people are interested.

The "cures" would have to be acceptable to everyone, with a clear mandate for the dispatcher.

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