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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Late Week Layout News

Friday was a lovely day and excellent layout running to boot in the afternoon. Rob, Tom, Pete, Rick and Glen made good use of the layout with no problems other than the odd derailment usually because the brakeman didn't get a switch thrown soon enough. No power concerns were noted. Some ran more than one train before operations ceased for 
the day. 

Glen got a call from the chief, Don Stoddart Saturday afternoon that he had picked up the Digitrax power accessories ordered for the power upgrade from SLN Hobbies in Dover. Because of eye treatment, Don will not be present Tuesday night so he brought over the items for me to bring to the layout. I traded him an O scale herd of Holsteins surplus to my needs. 

I'm told Larry Brinker has lost his voice as he struggles through a bad cold so he may be missing Tuesday night also. Donald Woolcott is staying close to home as his mother is doing very poorly in palliative care. And Larry Mayberry is up on crutches as long as he walks only in a straight line. Our thoughts go out to all undergoing these stressful situations. 

One last item to close this off; a robin was seen Thursday so the groundhog may be right after al!! 

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