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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Friday Fun on the 13th

Do you realize that we don't have a single motorcycle
on our layout on this date even though our port could be Dover?? Food for future thought! 

Friday afternoon's fun was pleasantly interrupted when Ruby and Leo came through the door com-
plete with new kidney as of a month ago. Leo is on high dosages of anti rejection drugs but no longer needs daily dialysis. They sold their St. Thomas home, put everything in storage and are living in a London apt. close to LDSH until Doug Tarry gets their new St. Thomas home completed. Needless to say, model railroading is on hold for them. 
We also had an Ingersoll couple and their grand daughter visit the layout later in the afternoon. He worked as a station agent for Ontario Northland and is suffering from dimentia but you should have seen the smile on his face running my Budd railcar with thumb firmly on the horn. Grand daughter also enjoyed running Tom Smith's FA/FB units. Thanks Tom!

Where is Health and Safety when you need them?? I think someone didn't check switch positions when entering Wellington yard. 

It's Murphy's Law that, although fewer people come to run the layout on a Friday afternoon, you'll find them all switching on the same portion of track. 

I had the pleasure of presenting our layout to a group of seniors via CD's last Thursday morning using a similar format to the Learning Unlimited one I did last year. Only one lady had seen it but appreciated seeing it again. For part of it, I showed the engineer's view of the layout taken by GoPro camera which was very much enjoyed. At the end of it, one lady remarked, "I saw numerous other guys in the video but not you?? I said." Well, somebody had to be the engineer and drive the train" whereupon she said," Oh yes, of course."  Silence prevailed for a few seconds before the laughter started. It does speak well of the realism of the video and our layout for sure.
Next Tuesday, the 19th, a men's group is coming up at 10 am to view the layout. If anyone would like to join me and run a train at that time, you're welcome to do so. 
The London train group is still scheduled to visit us on March 24. 

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  1. Thanks Glen for posting during my extended cold recovery, good job.