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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

New operating system

 The operating system procedure will be presented in sections because of blog restrictions.

First up, Train Orders.
I am thinking that having a pocket on the back side of freight train orders, to hold car cards might be a good idea. What do you think?

The old, but updated Train Orders for unit trains will still be used. These will include, the logging train, coal drag, oil train, interchange trains, and passenger trains. In with these Order cards, will be Train Orders for freight trains in both directions, probably 2 of each. There would also be a Train Order for a branchline freight, This would make for up to 11 trains, which is more than we would want running at once. Train Orders will be picked in order and once completed, returned to the back of the Train Order box. The only exception is when someone breaking down a train sees that a car they placed on one of the transfer tracks exceeds the train, length limit, they will move the corresponding Train Order to the front of the Train Order box. If we apply the 2 to a crew rule, this would lower the trains running to 5. The fact that the freight trains need to be made up and broken down should also slow down the number of trains running. Special exceptions will be made to accommodate individual requirements or preference.

I will use this short post to include some extra information, most of which was discussed at the meeting. All industries will have a hook or box for Car Cards. All storage yard tracks, interchange tracks, transfer tracks and intranset tracks will have Car Card boxes. Yard and industry sidings will all be illustrated and labelled, on the facia. A track diagram of the next town in either direction, will be located on the top of the backdrop, and colour coded for each direction.

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