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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Operating system part two

 In this second post about the operating system we will look at The Interchange System.  First we will look at the ready yard at Elsewhere, which is the source of all the interchange traffic.

The track designation is shown below (red circled area above). For this presentation I have made the mainline CN, the Springbank interchange is the connection with the CP. and the O,river interchange is the connection with the TH&B.

--------------------CN---Main line---track--------------------------------------------------

 -------------------- CP SPRINGBANK TRANSFER --track track----------------------

-----------------------TH@B OLIVER TRANSFER---holding track---------------------------

------------------------CARS INTRANSET----holding track----------------------------------------

----------------MAINLINE RECEIVING AND BREAK DOWN----track----------------------

----------PASSING TRACK AND ACCESS TO TURNING TRACK--------------------------

Looking at the TH&B Oliver Interchange, located behind Admiral. The arriving rolling stock will be swapped with those on the interchange track. The Car Cards will also be swapped. The new rolling stock and Car Cards, will be taken to Wellington and put either in the storage yard, if empty, or put on the intranset holding track, if it is to be delivered to an industry. There may also be a time when cars are to be put on the CP Springbank transfer track. Cards will be placed into the appropriate card boxes, corresponding to where each car was placed. Both of the transfer tracks will have train length, limit markers, which will correspond to the length of the corresponding interchange track.

The CP Springbank interchange works the same as above, but has 2 tracks so the arriving train can be put on one siding and the other train picked up.


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