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Friday, September 27, 2013

Gallery Glass

my wife applying Gallery Glass to a window

Gallery Glass has a rippling effect, making the window look like it has old glass panes in it. I was introduced to this product(found in craft departments) by Joe Rutter, of Full Steam Ahead. After the window frame has been painted and dried, you start with a drop on the tip of the applicator, which you touch to the edge of the window pane frame and quickly drag it around and around the opening. It will eventually form a puddle, filling in the opening. The trick is to not get too much of it in the opening, but you can suck it back up into the tube or dab it up and start again. Don't worry about the milky white color, it dries clear. This works easy on small openings, for larger windows apply glazing first, then a thin coat of Gallery Glass is all that is needed. An added benefit is that it will help hold in the glazing.

you can see the rippling effect in the 3 windows on the right

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