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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The layout plan

the plan

Basics HO scale Bench height about 48 inches Minimum radius 30 inches on the main line # 6 turnouts on the main line Code 100 rail on the main line and code 70 on the branch Aisle width 36 inches No duck under Maximum grade of two percent on the main line Passing sidings of ten feet or more with a single track main line. After many starts and over complicated concepts, and input from many members, we came up with a design. It has ha a few revisions to arrive at a loop to loop design, with a staging yard off the lower loop, a major city off the upper loop, a branch line for mining and logging connected by a moveable car float and an in/out branch for a coal mine/power plant arrangement. I am a general concept type of planner and have tried to explain that to out track layers. Let the track dictate the final placement of the main line and buildings dictate where the sidings go, dut I still hear the not so quite whispers, when the plan doesn't fit exactly, "It's Larry's fault.". The main line run is about two hundred feet long passing through five cities plus the major city which will be about eighteen feet long.

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