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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Woodstock Model Railroad Club

A group of model railroad enthusiasts in Woodstock, has set out to build a model rairoad layout set in the fifties and sixties. For the first few weeks, Doug McLean hosted meetings to set the ground work for the club. One of the many hurdles was to set a meeting time that would suit the most members, not an easy task. Tuesday nights from seven to nine was chosen. A large space was rented, and the task of designing a layout began. Many ideas were floated before Don Pearce proposed a table arrangement that fit the space. With a few tweaks it was finalized, wide aisles, long runs of main line, sweeping thirty inch radius curves and no duck unders. We now had a bench work plan, but wait, what would be the table height, the ruling grade, turn out size, roadbed type, balast type, a name, oh so much more to do, but isn't that the fun? Come along as together we build an empire.

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