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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Transformation at Warwick

 The above picture shows Warwick in concept only at the far right end of the upper level where Larry had                                                                 painted a background lake
 Hmm! It seems hilly terrain has filled in the area between the two levels of track covering up Larry's lake. Glen took on the chore of scenicking this area and, as usual, Larry showed up with the challenge of needing a railway station at this point called Warwick. Glen cut out part of the hilltop as shown in the above photo
 The Warwick station has magically arrived, situated on the level surface that filled in the cut out area shown in the preceding photo. A parking lot was constructed joining up with the road painted on the backdrop. If your eyes allow in this aerial view, you can just see a farm that Larry included in the backdrop that the station covers up in normal viewing. Ah! the poor planning irony of making suggestions too late.
 Oh no! Larry sidled up again and said. "We have a road at the lower level that has no outlet. You have a road leading to the Warwick station parking lot at the upper level. Do you follow what I'm thinking??" At this point, Jim Long showed up with his bulldozer trapped on the lower level. So Glen, as an obedient follower, hacked into the newly scenicked hillside and remolded it to show a road under construction. Isn't this just like real life??
 The above picture shows Jim's bulldozer hard at work carving out the road between the upper and lower levels. Wooden railway crossings had to be constructed for 3 tracks at the bottom and 1 track at the top. Since this ground has a lot of clay in it, we're hoping the Tuesday night rains quit until we get the road finished. It is just a simple country road, nor a main route so it won't ever get paved [lucky to even get potholes filled or guardrails installed]. That's life! It is what it is. . . .

The above picture shows Jim's bulldozer putting the final touches to the road. Note how quickly the foliage has filled in beside the road. Those rains must have come after all. The next challenge? extending the lower road further along the lower level. Where's the infrastructure money coming from, Larry?? I need more road equipment than Jim's bulldozer.


  1. The money is coming from the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, from the Tuesday night rains. Oh Glen, if you need any more help, that road could continue on to Heron's Landing and the Medusa Cement plant. Then we need a bridge over the Long River and..........

    1. The challenges never end, now it's finding a pot of gold