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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday work crew

Well just Jim and I were there, but we got some stuff done. After I pulled off the hand laid rails from the Springbank to Valleyview trestle and put down flex track, Jim came over and soldered a few of the joints. Jim then went back to soldering some short sections of track together, especially between turnouts. This will improve continuity. I then removed the track between Northdale station and the trestle. A piece of ceiling tile was put over part of the harbour water, behind the wharf.  Jim and I then worked on soldering a couple of turnouts and a transition track at the trestle end of this run around. The rest of the track will have to wait until the work night on this Tuesday. When I wasn't having Jim help me, he continued to add more feeders on the main line and adjust turnouts.  We also took time to discuss the double tracking of the upper loop.  We determined that the existing deck can be removed, cut in half, lengthwise, spread apart, have more stringers added, and put back down with two runs of flex track on top of it.  The western approach will also have to be made wider at both ends, but this can be done ahead of time.

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