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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff

Bill and Glen were up on Friday to do some running and Bill added more feeder wires. The club bought a new Quad unit to reduce some of our bus wire length. This will stop run away engines and voltage drops.  One power supply and Quad will be moved below Warwick. It will supply Herons Landing, Wellington, upper main to Valleyview and lower main to Jutland. The next one under the loops will supply the upper and lower loops, the turn table and Elsewhere. The new one under Toms Hill will supply the upper main from Toms Hill to Valleyview, the lower main from Toms Hill to Jutland the Island and the branch line. We will reconfigure the bus that feeds the branch to supply power to the new Quad. All the bus lines will be fed from the center thus reducing the length in half. We estimate that no run will be over 30 feet. Most of the night was spent running trains and talking to a new member, Butch, and a guest Barry White, visiting from Ireland.
Trent discuses our card system with our guest Barry

Woodstock/Wellington station now has shingles

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