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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff.

I was setting up a couple of trains before everyone else arrived when I found a lost box car hiding at Heritage Furniture, wonder how long it has been sitting there? The first 2 trains to run we're passenger trains. The picture below shows a meet at the Long River Bridge. Next a couple of freights started switching. As always, this is when problems pop up. We are still in the learning curve, where is such and such a place, sorry I forgot to put the switch back to the mainline, there is a hump in the track, my engine stops here all the time. Everyone needs to have a bright boy with them to clean the rails, if their engine stalls in one place. Please remember to put the switch back to the mainline. Next Tuesday is a work night, perhaps some of the track problems will be repaired. As the second picture shows, Jim ran his first switching train. What? Yes, it's true, this is a testament to how much people rely on him to program their engines and solve electronic problems, for which we are deeply indebted.
meet on the Long River Bridge

it may be Jim's first run but he has lots of help

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