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Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Quad Unit

Over the past weeks preparations were underway for our third Quad Unit. Wires have been run not only to install it under Lincoln, but also to move 1 of the other Quads down near Warwick. The power supply for the switch on the wye was also moved under the loops, now it is turned off when the main power switch is turned off.  Plans are under way to install a 120 volt switch under the loops that will turn off all power to the layout, so nothing gets left on. On Sunday the third Quad was wired in and tested, only had to switch 2 wires and all was well. This Quad now powers the island part of the branch, Miller, the lower main from just past Jutland to Mount Tom and the upper loop from there to the other side of  Springbank. This effectively cuts both the upper and lower mainlines in half, providing a more consistent power supply. Now a derailment effects a much smaller area. A new feeder was installed on the island and tunnel repair was also completed.

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