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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday Fun

Introduced a young boy to the wonders of model railroading, by the smile on his face it will be hard to keep him away.  Tate picked up on things quite fast and even switched a freight train. We tested out the island branch track through the tunnel and had a lot of problems, we may have to put in code 100 track sometime in the future, just to make it more reliable. Again the idea to adding 2 sidings at the west end of the Elsewhere yard came up. They would hold the Heron's Landing and Wellington passenger trains. This would allow other passenger trains to go to the Wellington station and the siding at Heron's Landing could be changed into another run around track. Both projects will have to wait for discussion and funding.
freight train from Wellington passing through Valleyview

Tate and his Mom discuss switching moves at Springbank

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