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Monday, June 8, 2015

Sunday work group.

A few of us pulled feeder wires for the new quad unit and relocation of one of the others. A low voltage wire was also pulled for the power supply to the island branch. We also can install the new quad unit under Lincoln, and hook it up first, doing the upgrade in 2 parts. The transformer will then be plugged into the main power supply, so everything is turned off with one switch. Glen did some scenery around Northdale and Miller. Trent helped locate missing car cards and/or rolling stock. Seems that we are still on a learning curve with them. One that is often confused is one the rolling stock is delivered, the waybill is turned over to the pickup side, not removed from the card card. If you leave rolling stock at an industry the next person must be able to find it and the only way is if the waybill is left in the car card pocket to tell us where it is. We also discussed future changes to the Elsewhere yard. One idea is to add 2 new sidings off the backside of the run around. Another idea to think about is cutting the yard in half, making it 2 yards. Yet another thought to ponder is to shorten tracks 3 and 4 and turning tracks 1 and 2 to lineup better with the turn table. This will move the 3 storage tracks to the back and the 2 run around tracks to the front, there may be room for a caboose track also. The last idea is to move the turntable under the Wellington one and have it hinge up and down. Lots to think about.

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