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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff.

This was our monthly meeting and work night. The turnout at the east end of Wellington was replaced. For some reason it was causing shorts as engines went through it. A new turnout was installed at Lincoln to service the lumber yard. More scenery was added at Northdale. The other problem addressed was a joint on the mainline curve around Lincoln. There had been a an expansion problem there causing the track to go out of gauge. Track nails and glue were used to secure it, hope this works. Jim brought up an interesting idea. He thought we could have switchers stationed at some of the towns like Lincoln. The freight going through this town would just drop off and pickup, the switcher would do all the switching. With the card system we now use, the first freight would leave the deliver and pickup cards for that town and the deliver cars, but would not pickup any cars. After that, the next freight would both pickup and deliver cars. This has the added benefit of putting more operators to work.  All in all a good night, thanks to all.
working on the mainline and new turnout for the lumber yard

ballasting the siding to the lumber yard

ballasting the replacement turnout in Wellington

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