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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Meeting and work night.

Great meeting. Discussed the problem with some of the throttles (engine creep and jack rabbit speed changes, about 3 have this problem.). We will try moving the transmitter, but why are just some affected?  Maybe we should try those on a different layout. One was sent back to Digitrax and they said there was nothing wrong with it?  Officially voted and agreed on a few projects. We will change some of the branch line to code 100. Elsewhere's run around will have 3 tracks, the middle 1 will be the mainline and the outside 2 will hold passenger trains. The program track will no longer be joined to the mainline. The passenger track in Heron's Landing will be changed into a run around. A set of signals will be tested for the turnout on the upper loop, more on that latter. A donation came in to fund most of the above, thank you. Ideas to redo Wellington were asked for, more on that later. It was also a work day. Taylor cleaned track, Bill cleaned up, Jim put in a main shut off switch, Ralph and Donald worked on the branch line it seems everyone was doing something. A dip in the siding to Hay Co. was repaired. We also decided that new members will be voted on, in the future.  All in all a good night with lots done, thanks everyone. Another idea was to install small shelves in front of each town so that car cards can be stood up while switching, it may also protect the car and throttle boxes. The idea for a location to send containers came up, maybe at the Lincoln team track or the Tuck siding.  We also talked about having someone switch Lincoln, Wellington, and Springbank, and when the new track is installed on the branch, some can switch it, that's 4 more people operating. This would eliminate some of the bottlenecks as freight trains would simple drop off and pickup  blocks of cars.

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