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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday fun

New quad unit is down, light is on but no one is home? Glen, Trent and I spent a lot of time sorting out the car cards and removing the ones that are no long there. Then we redistributed the remaining ones. One track at Tuck will hold a short passenger train and the other container freight. The CP passenger train was repositioned to the runaround at Elsewhere. Reliable Electric will replace the garage at Valleyview.  We are now short a few hopper cars, so if anyone has some extras, we could use them and maybe a couple of stock cars, the rest we are O.K. Ralph and Don worked on the branch line and decided not to double track the tunnel. Don, Trent and I talked about adding signals to the upper loop, tunnel turnout. Projects on the go include replacing track on the branch, putting signals on the upper loop switch, and figuring out one for the turnout after Warwick, putting in a turnout for Reliable Electric at Valleyview, putting in a turnout at Heron's Landing to make the old passenger track a runaround, making up Waybills for the container track at Tuck, and for the Power Plant and the Coal Mine, which will now be switched like a normal industry, no more unit coal trains.

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