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Thursday, December 8, 2016

More Layout Fun with Interclub Visitations

At our Oct club meeting, Prez Don asked if we were interested in an interclub visitation with the Port Dover Model Railroad club. Enough members were so Don said he would relay that info to Gord King and set up
possible dates. At our meeting, it was agreed that half of those interested would go to Dover to run on their layout on Tues, Nov.22, the Dover members would  come and run on our layout on Nov.29 and the rest of our members would go to Dover on Dec.6. Flu derailed the last visit which is rescheduled for Dec.13.
In this Nov.29 photo at the Woodstock layout, Larry is watching Dover head honcho Gord King carefully as he plugs his controller in while Done Pearce is ad-vising his Dover buddy behind.

This photo shows Woodstock`s Tom Smith and his Dover pal planning a super exciting switching move at the Lincoln yard.

On the previous week`s visit to the Port Dover club, our members got a taste of prototype railroading complete with a full briefing prior to operation by head dispatcher Gord King. It included a sheaf of operational rules, regulations, train operations and switching moves that make our club operations seem rather primitive by comparison.
In Dover, trains are made up of specific car types and numbers to go to layout industries between Brantford and London. Us Woodstock oldsters need to have magnifying glasses to see the numbers so it was a bit chaotic to find the right cars. I felt better when my Dover buddy made the same comment. Our club uses only car types and not numbers, thankfully, although we did flirt with car numbers for a short period when we started serious operations. Maybe our sim-
plistic operations were boring Tom`s buddy.  

At right, Paul from Port Dover is heading Glen`s freight by McKay Fuels toward Lincoln yard eventually, hoping that Tom and his Dover buddy have completed their exciting switching move when he gets there. 

On the whole, interclub visitations are learning ex-periences mixed with a lot of good fellowship that add much to this great hobby. 


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