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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Friday fun

Rock work added
Glen, Jim and I looked long and hard at the now bare landscape of the now bare Wellington. We all agree with Don that we need to start at the east end to see where the main run arounds will be. The turnouts at the east end should be powered, Jim said he would supply the tortoise machines and then we can add signals to show what line is open to incoming trains. We need to be decide what type of turnouts we want for the yard ladder and how many. There is some tracks that can remain where they are, like the one to Reliable electric, to be discussed further. The area has been cleared for the new siding to Great Lakes Steel. The ore train will start by picking up the empty ore cars at this siding, deliver them to the mine and return with loads to the mill siding. I put in the second turnout at the new logging camp and added some rock molds to the cliff. 
Ore siding area

Wellington unplugged 

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