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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Start of the new Wellington

The concept plan above is for the east end of Wellington only. It shows both the industrial part (in orange) and the inbound/outbound yard. The coal delivery track to the coaling tower is also the engine loading track. There is only 1 coal loading track under the tower and a new track from the turntable to the east end of the yard ladder. The yard ladder at both ends consist of long, right hand turnouts, eliminating any s curves. All of the yard tracks are at least 5 feet long or more. This could be 6 feet if need be. The track at the bottom right leads to the main yard. The layout of the industrial section is also subject to change. In this case it has its own run around and switching leads at both ends. I know there may be changes to this plan, but if we agree on the basic plan of the yard layout, we can buy the turnouts needed and put in the first 3 tracks, enhancing daily running.

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