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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ideas about Elsewhere and Elsewhere

Before I forget again we should add a rerailer to the main run around track going to the turntable.

As it would be difficult to add more tracks to the Wellington yard or use the sanding rack tracks as yard tracks can we reduce the types of cars stored there?  We could only use the sawdust cars at the sawmill or eliminate them, 1 less car type.

Next we could designate gravel hoppers to the branch. So, on your run to and from the branch, switch Oxford Sand and Gravel and Shell Industries (remove limestone delivery to Zorra to be replaced by coal for the kiln) in Herons Landing. This would bring down the number of cars types in Wellington yard to the available 8 sidings.

We need 7  racks or hooks labelled for the 7 storage tracks in the new Elsewhere yard to keep track of the order of the Trains.  Delivering a train to empty track 7 you would then take out train 1 and so on. With 2 branch line trains stored there, they will get run twice in seven trains originating from Elsewhere, or at least once a session.

If at the end of a session all 7 Elsewhere tracks are full, and may be an extra left on the inbound track, they should be the first trains to be run at the next session to open up 1 track in Elsewhere.

There will be no need for a caboose track in Elsewhere as they will stay with the Trains.

If the sidings are 6 feet long they would hold 11 cars and a caboose. It is anticipated that under our 8 car rule the Trains will only have 8 cars, so Elsewhere will hold 48 cars most of the time.

Train repetition even though the cards are left with the train, should not be a problem as it is unlikely you would pick up a train you left in Elsewhere in the same operating session.

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