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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Meeting night at the Huff and Puff October 3, 2017

The topic of discussion was the forwarding system we have been working on. A division point system was talked about. An example would be the switcher at Lincoln would control traffic in and out. That person would also supply forwarding cards to outbound trains. May have to make new cards for each division. It was agreed that each card will only have 1 type of rolling stock to be delivered so new cards will have to be made to fix that. We will also try only picking up what you deliver that is if you deliver 2 flat cars you only pick up 2 flat cars. Another idea was to sort cards into rolling stock types ignoring the day of the week. This would make looking for forwarding cards much easier. Projects for the new year will be reworking Elsewhere, (moving the turntable and cutting the yard into 2 yards),replacing or repairing troublesome turnouts, and repairing rolling stock. A new shelf under Valleyview will also be installed to hold all our casting material and clean up the office area.

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