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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tuesday night at the Huff and Puff 10,24,2017

N.B. we will be closed on October 31.

We bought 4 Peco turnouts and 5 short covered hoppers at the Woodstock Train show. Saw that others also found some good deals including an engine house to replace the one  removed from the layout last week.

Background buildings temporarily installed in Elsewhere, when Elsewhere is reworked a new background will be installed and painted and the background buildings will be installed permanently.

Items for upcoming work nights include, rolling stock repaired and identified with a HP stamp and listed. Turnout for the team track/piggyback ramp in Springbank. Turnout for stock pen near Ortona. Replace problem turnouts in Miller, Northdale and Lincoln. Designing the new yard in Elsewhere. Replacing 70 gauge track in Northdale. Discussion about the forwarding cards.

My thoughts about Elsewhere which are up for any other ideas. I like the idea about not switching cars in Elsewhere to reduce congestion in this area. It would go like this, a train arrives in Elsewhere and is left in an open siding in 1 of the double ended yards. The cards are left in the racks intact as a complete train. This will work perfectly with our card system.  The engine is turned on the turntable and run over to pick up the oldest train and it's cards. The caboose is set aside, the train is picked up and the caboose is reattach. The train is ready to go. Multiply this by 7 tracks, should work fine. As Branchline trains are also staged in Elsewhere it will get them run more often.
Busy night

Background buildings 

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