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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Don's plan

All of the plans to move Lincoln were reviewed by the membership at length. Much discussion ensued with many good suggestions being offered. Everyone wanted the Ortona extension removed. Most liked the open plan, the 1 that removed all of the old Lincoln peninsula. Concerns over the reach to the logging loop area, was expressed by many. Length of passing sidings was a concern.

There seemed to be a consensus on the following: passing sidings should conform to those in Elsewhere, or about 7 feet, we need better access to the back of the new Lincoln, a better swing bridge to get to the island is needed.

Two ideas for a new plan were suggested, move Lincoln 18 inches away from the wall for access to the back side, and make the crossing join the island before Northdale.

Comments: the engine house corner of Lincoln will have to be cut off.
The old tail of the Wye can be for the ore train, but there is no room for the mine. The logging loop has a larger radius than needed.

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