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Thursday, April 4, 2019


We now have 4 plans, Mike's plan , Another plan without Ortona, Don's plan, and Revised Plan.

Remember this is not to say we are doing any of these, just which 1 should we concentrate on!

First, do you like Mike's plan better than the other 3?
Second, if not which of the other 3 do you like best?

As a note when replying , you could say I like the revised plan but not the Northdale part, or any comments at all, JUST REPLY PLEASE!
I just want to know which way to continue.

My thoughts.
They all give a longer run to and from Lincoln. They all retain the logging line, the ore run, but maybe not the ore mine, and the coal train. They all maintain the follow your train operation. They all increase the length of the mainline.

Mike's plan retains more industries, and has the longest mainline.

The other 3 (without Ortona) open up the area nicely, but loose some industries. The crossing seems to be better than the Wye.


  1. I just looked up the building code as it aplies to our second door. The requirements for exits are for the building not rooms within the building. We can close off that door and remove the wall extension where the coal mine is. That changes how that end ofthe layout will look no mater which option we chose.

  2. The revised plan works for me.