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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tuesday's gab fest.

First of all the members all wish Glen a speedy recovery.
Many member stayed in the lounge discussing our voltage drop (or as it turns out, our over voltage) problems, and or thoughts and ideas about moving Lincoln. We will have to take a night and test all the boosters and power supplies.
On the Lincoln move, I heard, double deck the island (We may be able to separate most of the logging line above the tracks to and from Lincoln), run a double decked peninsula out from the Wellington loop (This would be an obstruction to following your train and the loss of an open viewing area),
Make the new Lakeview area (see the plan below) a large port, and let's try to save more of the industries.
The plan below (which we will call the Northdale plan, for those wishing to comment) has a small bump out for La France and the Coal Mine and it may not cause flow problems, and uses the space of the old Wye to our advantage. It includes the Ore mine, the gravel dock, City Services, the Pier, and Harbour Freight. At the Lincoln end a passing track was added for the saw mill, Ol King Coal, the old Ortona turntable and engine house, a passing track for the logging branch and more aisle space behind Lincoln.

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